What is Eutrophication

Eutrophication is pollution by stealth. 

It occurs when a water body becomes excessively enriched with nutrients. Although it is usually a natural process which occurs over a very long period of time, in many waters the process is accelerating very quickly due to nutrients leaking in from man-made sources. 

These nutrients can cause algal blooms which can use up the oxygen in the water, resulting in the death of many aquatic organisms such as fish. Whilst even more seriously, species referred to as blue green algae (correctly known as cyanobacteria) can even produce toxins that are harmful to higher forms of life such as birds, dogs and even humans.

Numerous SSSI sites are already affected by eutrophication, as are some of the most iconic waters in the world. With Lake Erie (USA) and Lake Victoria (Africa) both being affected.

However many water owners are simply unaware they have a problem, yet a simple, inexpensive, water survey can give you a very accurate assessment of your water quality.