Water Chemistry

The relatively small cost of a survey will soon be recouped by more efficient management of your resources and labour.

Regardless of the water quality, simply knowing what you are working with means you can formulate a fishery and habitat management plan based on scientific fact, as opposed to guesswork or rumour.

For example, angling club work parties and habitat development work can be tailored precisely to the needs of the fishery. Gone will be the days when you work on a hunch or because ‘that’s what we’ve always done. Comments such as ‘we need to buy more fish’ can be confidently countered if you know for sure that the limitations of your habitat or water quality will not allow for more fish.

As a part of the survey service, if the water quality is excellent, we will advise on how to keep it that way so you can maximise what you already have or maybe even try to increase the biodiversity.

Likewise if the news is perhaps not so good and you have a eutrophication problem, we will advise on how you can improve the quality of the water and help you plan for eventualities such as algal blooms.

Indeed, whilst we’re being pragmatic, knowing the water quality within a specific fishery may also influence your choice and level of insurance cover on fish stocks for a particular fishery.