Who we are and what we do!

Laketec Aquatic Services are based in Cheshire and provide affordable water chemistry surveys for lakes and ponds.

I specialise in assessing the extent and impact of eutrophication and provide cost effective, practical solutions on how to reduce nutrient ingress into your water body.

I  cater for anyone who owns or manages any water amenity, or indeed those wishing to acquire a water of their own.

Whether you are a private individual, a business, angling club, school, water sport centre, wildlife group or council. If you have a lake or a pond and have had problems, or simply want to avoid problems in future, I will be able to help.

Knowledge of the water chemistry can prepare you for potential problems down the line. It will enable you to protect and improve your habitat, enhance your facility and save you money.

If you are acquiring a lake or pond, a  water chemistry survey means you will know exactly what you are taking on.

This inexpensive service includes a pre-consultation, site survey, relevant chemical analysis, full written report and a follow up consultation, yet starts from under two hundred pounds. Ongoing monitoring services can be done at even less cost with further reductions given for other waters in close proximity.